Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another tallit article

The Tallit  is being used by Jewish people, orthodox,  reform, and others. As said before, the Tallit is used when praying and some use it as the Jewish wedding Chupa, so they can be traditional. Tallit prices are between $50 and even $1200. And again as said before, they are made from different types of fabric.

I found in a Tallit article, and here is some content from it:

Choosing the Right Tallit

"The real tallit meaning is a prayer shawl, which the Jews wear during their morning services, on weekdays as well as on holidays. Normally the tallit is woven out of wool. It has unique knotted and twined fringes, known as tzitziot, attached to all its four corners. The tzitziot are woven in knots by means of a complex process, which has number-related symbolic association."
  1. Who is the tallit for
  2. What does he she likes
  3. What Tallit colors would you like
Tallits are of two different types, such as tallit katan and tallit gadol. The tallit gadol is a large Jewish prayer shawl, worn on top of ones outfits and is placed on ones shoulders. This is normally worn in the course of the morning services inside synagogue. read more from this tallit article

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  1. Its amazing that people can use traditional Tallit nowadays.