Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another tallit article

The Tallit  is being used by Jewish people, orthodox,  reform, and others. As said before, the Tallit is used when praying and some use it as the Jewish wedding Chupa, so they can be traditional. Tallit prices are between $50 and even $1200. And again as said before, they are made from different types of fabric.

I found in a Tallit article, and here is some content from it:

Choosing the Right Tallit

"The real tallit meaning is a prayer shawl, which the Jews wear during their morning services, on weekdays as well as on holidays. Normally the tallit is woven out of wool. It has unique knotted and twined fringes, known as tzitziot, attached to all its four corners. The tzitziot are woven in knots by means of a complex process, which has number-related symbolic association."
  1. Who is the tallit for
  2. What does he she likes
  3. What Tallit colors would you like
Tallits are of two different types, such as tallit katan and tallit gadol. The tallit gadol is a large Jewish prayer shawl, worn on top of ones outfits and is placed on ones shoulders. This is normally worn in the course of the morning services inside synagogue. read more from this tallit article

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jewish Gifts, a Gift with Faith

Giving as Part of the Jewish Tradition
Exchanging gifts is a courteous habit that interconnects two persons, families, communities, and even nations. Ever since the inception of human life on this planet, gift giving has been adopted as a nice, delightful, and well-mannered custom in varied societies and cultures. Gifts are shared generally at memorable occasions such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, and other religious rituals or cultural festivals.

Verity of Jewish Gifts

Jewish gifts also have a rich history and for time unmemorable the Jewish community has been exchanging gifts among near and dear ones. Gift-sharing with friends and family members strengthens the bond of closeness and pledges unbreakable relationship. Some instances of Judaica gift include exchanging gifts on Hanukkah, presenting food gifts on Purim; giving the Bar Mitzvah boys and Bat Mitzvah girls with Jewish gifts from family, friends and Synagogue; presenting Jewish wedding gifts to couple tying a knot for their new home; and giving food, money and other charity gifts to the poor.

Judaica Gifts as a Memory

Another important fact is that Judaica gifts are unique for their exquisite beauty, memorable history and fascinating scheme of symbolism. Many Jewish symbols including Kiddush cup, Mezuzah Case, Hanukkah Menorah, Passover Seder plates, Star of David and Shabbat Candlesticks are recognized as versatile gifts alluding to both traditionalism as well as modernism. Moreover, these symbolic gifts serve to be a uniting force for the Jewish community living in various parts of the world. For this very reason, the Jews decorate their doorpost with Mezuzah, wear Star of David bracelets, rings and pendants and even light Menorah candles on the occasions of Shabbat or Hanukkah. Thus in a way Judaica gifts have united not only the scattered adherents of Judaism but also the religion and art together.

 Judaica and Traditions

In addition to these traditional gifts, Jewish jewelry is one of the most remarkable gifts exchanged on the wedding eves. The Jewish wedding gifts correspond to Kabbalah jewelry and Hamsa jewelry besides other Jewish themed jewelry in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, pins and pendants. Other salient wedding gifts are yarmulke, prayer shawls, wedding glass Mezuzah, and Ketubah. All these incorporate a wide range of materials like gold, silver, plastic resins and ceramics. The credit of attractive designs goes to new imprinting technology that has crafted maximum resolution out of stupendous miniature texts and graphics integrated into the superb designs.

Jewish Gift Stores

You can find online judaica stores on some of the salient online gift stores offering a wide range of Jewish gift collections; these gifts are distinct not only in their quality, but also in their design reflecting the history, pride and custom of the Jewish culture. No doubt, you will receive awe-inspiring gift objects that must be the best equivalents to the money you have spent.

In a nutshell, Jewish gift is much more than merely a piece of decoration. Every single Jewish gift is the reminder of Jewish history, unifier of disintegrated community and a source of heartiest pleasure to the adherents of Judaism.